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Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Equipment | Comments Off on TOP 3 BEST SMART WATCHES FOR ATHLETES.

Watches are vital in our livelihoods. They help us keep time in everything we do. They say time is money, and for sure it is but to get the best watch you also need to get the best time piece money can buy. Watches are time pieces used for time keeping that is worn on the wrist, it functions continuously no matter the speed at which one is moving. Watches have evolved and transformed through the ages thanks to technological advancements.

When we compare the present with the past, spring powered watches to analog- numbers are mounted to the body of a wristwatch where the hour hand and the longer minute hand rotate to show time-, electronic, they have advanced through time to digital- where time is showed by numbers-, and to now as smart watches.

The common uses of watches are, but first the functions; all show the time, date, day of the week, the hour, what minute of the hour it is, what second of the minute it is. Most watches are used as fashion accessories and most for sports.

In sports most athletes use watches for swimming, running, working out, fitness and thanks to technology, tracking your movement, your heart rate, the distance, speed and time of the athlete. The number of watches that are used by athletes is determined mostly by their affordability, effectiveness and quality.


There are however a number of models that top the list as the best smart watches for athletes,


Takes the number one spot, it has style where it has a 1.3 inch P-OLED screen under a gorilla glass. A P-OLED glass a new line of displays that enable beauty, clear, lighting and efficient display. It’s powered by a 410 battery that can last 2-3 days, has a snapdragon (functions like a normal android processor) 400 processor, 512MB RAM and a 4GB storage. You can use it for navigation, keep your heart rate. Goes for about $263.95.


Though it only works with apple devices such as the IPhone 5,5s and the new series has sleek and metallic curve common of most apple devices. Features a slick and comfortable wrist band, comes with a 42mm and a 38mm screen, a digital crow on the side used for scrolling and zooming with little interference with the display. A dedicated button for accessing your contacts where you can be able to send and receive text messages, speaker for taking calls. It has a built in sensor that tracks your movement, heart rate and activity which is transmitted to ones iPhone or iPad for future analysis, has a Nike+ Running app that helps an athlete during training. Listening to music transferred from your phone or pairing with a Bluetooth headset/phones. Goes for $349


The latest of Sony’s smart watch line is built with a powerful running and sports features giving the LG watch R a run of its money. Comes with 4GB of internal memory running on android system updated to enable use of Bluetooth headphones.



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