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Understanding culinary arts and what they can teach you

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Cooking, Kitchen, Meal | Comments Off on Understanding culinary arts and what they can teach you

Going through culinary school is more than just learning how to make various meals, it’s about learning how to behave in the kitchen. You can enter a culinary course without any previous knowledge about cooking, and you will learn at the same pace as everyone else.

The most important aspect of the culinary arts school is that it will teach you some basic cooking techniques. Those techniques are the basis of a successful kitchen, and they lie at the foundation of every successful dish.

Basic techniques you will learn in a culinary school

cookingThe first thing you will hear about cooking is mise en place. This is more than just a technique; a real chef has to make it a way of thinking. This is a term that means the measurement of all ingredients for a meal as well as preparations of all those ingredients. This makes cooking a lot easier, as you have all ingredients ready to use. Every person who starts working in a kitchen will have to go through a learning period in which they will prepare ingredients for various meals. You will need excellent knife skills if you want to work in the kitchen as they will make mise en place faster and easier.

Several different knife techniques exist, and you will have to learn them all to work on various ingredients. The chef’s knife is the most valuable tool to a cook, but you can’t forget about other specialized knives. Cutting vegetables is just one way to use a knife, and even within that you have various cutting techniques. Different dishes require different shapes and sizes of ingredients, and it all comes down to knowing those techniques.

Cutting and preparation of meat is also something you will have to learn. There are several styles of preparing meat, and that subject is rather complex, and thus we will leave it for another time. Cutting meat is a skill you will acquire through culinary school. You will learn how to truss and quarter a chicken and divide it into various portions.

Other things you will learn in a culinary course

Making a sauce that will go perfectly with a meal is something many of us don’t know. And even when we make the sauce, we can’t reach the perfect thickness. A culinary arts school will teach you those things as well as the meaning of “nappe” This term explains the way to test the thickness of the sauce with a spoon (research it more for detailed info).


Ever chef has an ingredient or two that they use in a lot of their dishes. An ingredient like that isn’t supposed to be the star of the plate; they are there to enhance the overall flavor. Many people use salt to enhance the natural flavor of many ingredients and butter because it adds a delicious note to already delicious meals. And there is the lemon, a fruit that adds freshness to every meal with its high acidic properties. The proper use of those taste enhancers is another thing you will master in the culinary arts school.


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