How to Carve Fruits Vegetables the Thai Way

Step-by-Step video class on DVD

To order, click on the image above. Our professionally produced and digitally photographed step-by-step 56 minute instructional fruit and vegetable carving DVD is based on our widely acclaimed 6 hour carving course. This home study method is the next best thing to joining us at SITCA. This video will allow you to learn the techniques needed to create stunning fruit and vegetable carvings. An excellent way for both amateur and professional chefs to acquire an impressive and valuable set of new skills. Makes a perfect gift for a loved one. Learn flower patterns, vegetable garnish and plate decoration in three parts, with instruction by Institute Director Roongfa Sringam. Close up photography and easy-to-understand English language explanations accompany every step. Packaged in a beautiful hand made mulberry paper box, the set includes our specially designed and handcrafted fruit and vegetable carving knife, and a 38 page step-by-step instructional booklet that contains over 135 detailed color photos.

We are currently out of stock of the hand-made mulberry paper box this product comes packaged in. Orders placed at this time will be shipped without this box. The DVD will play in all computer DVD-ROM drives, however please note that it may not play in some set-top (stand alone) players.

- 1,495 baht -

Hardcover Fruit and Vegetable Carving Books with Color Photos

The Art of Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving Vegetable and Fruit Carving The Art of Vegetable Garnish

- 960 baht -

Handcrafted Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knife

Fruit and vegetable carving knife

- 450 baht -

Handmade Scented Soap Carving

Decorative soap carving

Exquisite examples of the master carver's art. Each soap carving is made from a single bar of ordinary soap and is extraordinary in its finesse. Presented in hand-made & hand-painted lacquer boxes from Northern Thailand. Produced exclusively by and for Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts.

Small (5cm.) - 275 baht
Large (8cm.) - 375 baht -