Thai Cooking Classes on Koh Samui

Thai cooking class

While a visit to Ko Samui may seem like paradise, SITCA's curriculum is down-to-earth, comprehensive and above all enjoyable. Our chefs are Thai experts with years of experience cooking Thai, and a love of their art. Whether avid home cook or aspiring professional, you will learn all the skills you need to cook one of Asia's most varied and fascinating cuisines.

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Thai cooking class

Featured on BBC World TV's Holiday program, raved about in Trip Advisor reviews, and recommended in the Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide, and Frommer's Guide to Thailand, SITCA's Thai cooking classes are taught in our modern air-conditioned facility. Everyone is equipped with their own burner at the stove, and everything needed for a complete hands-on experience. You also receive a cook booklet which is yours to make notes in and keep. For those ingredients which may not be available where you live, suitable substitutes are suggested.

When the meal is ready we eat together Thai style in the elegant setting of our dining room, and students can invite friends to join them at a cost of just 200 baht per person.

If your interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai food dishes in order to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment when dining out, don't hesitate to join us. Whatever your aspirations, whatever your level, because our classes are kept small, your individual needs will be addressed with as much attention as you require. Thai food lovers enjoy a special bonus. We purchase all our produce, fish, and meat daily from the local market, and your efforts will produce some of the best cuisine you will eat during your stay in the Kingdom. We promise.

Our twice daily 3 hour class starts with the preparation of one of our famous home made Thai curry pastes, and is followed by instruction in how to prepare 3 more dishes. There is a different paste and Thai curry dish taught on each day.

Thai cooking school

Twelve Menus From Which to Choose

SITCA's menus change for every day of the week Monday through Saturday, and almost all our recipes can be adapted for non meat eaters and those with allergies or other dietary restrictions.

The meal follows immediately after class and the fruits of your labors will be some of the most sumptuous Thai food you will have in Thailand. Students who participate in 3 or more classes receive a certificate of achievement.

Morning Thai Cooking Class • 11:00 am • Cost: 1,850 baht per person
Afternoon Thai Cooking Class • 4:00 pm • Cost: 1,850 baht per person

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Groups at SITCA

Work colleagues, friends, families, and wedding parties can organize a private experience for their group. The minimum number required is 10. For more information click HERE.

Children at SITCA

We love exposing children to the joys of cooking Thai food. Before booking a place for your child to join you however, please bear in mind that class is two hours long, and that in addition to the marvelous hands-on chopping, mixing and cooking involved, there is also quite a bit of listening to your instructor's explanations. Some children under 12 years old may not have the patience for this.

Our preparation table is countertop height, and although we welcome the participation of kids who are practiced in the safe use of kitchen knives, some of the tools used in Thai cooking (cleavers for example) are large and fairly heavy. Use of them by young children is not recommended.

We think kids 8-11 are better off watching their parents take part, and we're okay with that! We prefer that children under 8 do not enter the teaching areas, so if both parents will be taking part in one of our classes, we suggest you contact your hotel about their child and baby sitting service.